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Security is one of our chief concerns. All applications are hosted on our secure servers, ensuring no system information is stored on any individual’s computer. If a laptop is lost or stolen all that needs to be done is change your password and you can get back to work.

Staff Evaluations

Our Staff Evaluation Software was developed from a collaboration between Livingstone Range School Division and The Alberta Teachers Association. While highly customizable, this application comes with a complete database of pre-existing, and pre-approved values for evaluating staff members.

Annual Education Results

Tired of producing reports from Word documents and spread sheets? Our Annual Education Results Report System (AERRS) manages all aspects of creating and hosting both school specific and division wide reports.

IPP & IEP Systems

Originally built in conjunction with Rocky View School Division, this software now services dozens of divisions and thousands of staff members and support personal. Either go with our default configuration or select from our large array of available forms and options to get the system you need.